Welcome to the AVTHG web site. 

What is the Australian Volvo Truck Heritage Group (AVTHG)? The AVTHG has been created to assist and encourage the preservation of Volvo trucks and their history in Australia. The website is the nucleus for a loosely knit group of Volvo truck enthusiasts, and current and former employees. It is the depository for technical data, stories, and any information associated with the construction, operation and restoration of Volvo trucks in Australia. Members of the group regularly display their preserved trucks at heritage truck shows so when visiting make yourself known as they would love to hear your story.

The Group thanks Gary Richards who was then National Manager Product Management and Promotions for Volvo Mack Trucks Australia, for his support in arranging funding and important contacts for the initial creation of the web site. Unfortunately Volvo Mack Trucks have subsequently chosen not to acknowledge their history in Australia.

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We're currently seeking businesses who might be interested in sponsoring this site. Obviously it's a specialist site so won't get mass appeal. On the other hand, we had about 10,000 select visitors last year, (and growing) so if there's a match with your business, we have a good audience for you. We're offering an exclusivity deal to one business (be quick!) for $650 pa or a generous amount of space for up to say 4 businesses at around $200 each pa. This can include a live feed from your facebook page if applicable. Or, you might just like to chip in $50 or so to help us keep the site growing. Send me a note: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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