Simon National Carriers have had a long association with Volvo, and their Managing Director, David Simon, has contributed these fine working photos of Simon Unit v43 and v74.



On 22 October in Gothenburg, the Volvo Truck Corporation introduced the new Volvo F16, its most powerful truck model to date, to European markets which permit gross combination weights of 44 t0nnne and above. Deliveries to continental customers are scheduled to commence early in 1988.

The driveline of the Volvo F16 truck incorporates an entirely new 16-litre engine, gearbox and final drive options. With engine power output of 340kW (465bhp) and maximum torque of 2015Nm, the new F16 has been designed for the most demanding types of transport involving high gross combination weights and high average speeds over undulating terrain. The arrival of the F16 is the end result of a development project that commenced in the 1970s. No previous truck introduced by Volvo has been the subject of such extensive design and testing work.


The Volvo F16 has an entirely new driveline which enables truck performance to be matched, without compromise, to the most demanding transport operations. The engine, gearbox and rear axle have been designed and developed by the Volvo Ttuck Corporation. All driveline components have been made by Volvo Components Corporation.


The TD162F diesel engine fitted in F16s is an entirely new design based on the in line, 6 cylinder design principle of other Volvo truck engines. At an early stage it became apparent to Volvo's engine designers that an inline, 6 cylinder engine would produce sufficient power and high torgue, yet be of simple, reliable design, moderate weight and relatively compact dimensions. Volvo's TD162F is an in-line, 6 cylinder, direct injection, 4 stroke, turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine that develops 340kW (465bhp) at a maximum engine speed of 1860rpm. Displacement is 16.72 litres, cylinder dimensions are l44mm diameter x 165mm stroke, while compression ratio is 15:1.


This new 16 litre engine is a top performer throughout its entire engine speed range, for example, producing 196kW (267bhp) and 1950Nm torque at 960rpm.

The TD162F engine has two distinct sides, cold and warm. Injection pump and inlet valves are located on the right hand side, while the exhaust valves are on the left. Consequently the injection pump is easily accessible for service and is protected from most of the heat emitted by the engine.


Efficient fuel combustion, high power output and torque all result from the TD162F having four valves per cylinder. Thermal efficiency is 44 per cent, which corresponds with low fuel consumption of 193g/kwh.

The camshaft is high in the engine and controlled by cam followers which give precise, efficient engine braking. Power output during engine braking at 2100rpm is 275kW (374bhp).


The TD162F's engine block has been made more rigid in form. Great care has been taken to ensure that noise and exhaust emissions are low. It also has potential to comply with all expected tightening up of noise and emission regulations.


Volvo's new F16 truck is fitted exclusively with an entirely new SR2000 gearbox, which is based on the basic desigm principles of the sR70.

The new SR2000 is a 12 speed, fully synchromesh, range-change gearwith integral splitter section. The highest gear is a direct gear, while the ratio between the lowest and highest synchromesh gears is 10.07:1. There are also two nonsynchromesh crawler gears, the higher ratio being 14.98:1.


The Volvo F16 is a profitable truck designed to handle high gross combination weights in operations where priority is placed on high average speeds over hilly terrain. Lower gross combination weights of 38 tonne can be justified only when high average speeds are the highest priority.

NB: *Power outputs are in accordance with ISO1585. with fixed cooling fan (according to EEC/l269, DIN70020) corresponding figures are 335kW (456 bhp) and 2005 Nm maximum torque.