Extract from Volvo Torque No 17


Intercooler’ N Series
Intercooler’ N Series.

"In 1973, Volvo intoduced a completely new range of N trucks, which in many respects represented a new approach to the design of this type of truck model. The engine was moved slightly further back to give a shorter overhang, with a pronouncedly sloping bonnet that gave very good close-up visibility. Inaddition, this short bonnet allows for greater pay Ioad lengths such as fullstock crates and 'B' trains. The walk-through facility was not restricted, and the cab interior, the area around the driver's seat, and the entry/exit steps provided a functional and safe workplace for the driver. The 1987 N10 and N12 models include all the basic design solutions incorporated in the 1973 models, but extensive modifications have been made that are aimed at achievinq gneater adaptation to transport requirements and at improving transport economy. The new N series features an entirely new gearbox, specially designed to withstand the heaviest types of transport operations, and a new variant of the Nl0.


The model variants have been rationalised to two basic models: N1O Intercooler with 220 kW(300 hp) and a torque of 1230 Nm. . N12 Intercoolerwith 283 kW(385 hp) and a torque of 1600 Nm. The N10 Intercooler is the new model in the N series range. With greater efficiency and power output than the N1O Turbo model, the new N1O Intercooler fillsthe gap to the N12 with good economy and fuel efficiency. The TD 101F is the same basic engine that has been operating successfully in Australia for a number of years in the FlO.


Gearbox development at Volvo has gone hand in hand with development of engines and other driveline components. It is vitally important to operational economy that the driveline as a whole is perfectly matched to each type of transport. A new gearbox with improved performance and quality has been introduced with the new N series. The SRl700 Gearbox. In the same way as its predecessors, the new SR1700 is a fully synchronised, range change type gearbox and features;

12 Speeds with crawler gears o High split as direct gear in the top gear o Built-in air-operated splitter control cylinder . Bearings and gears of large dimensions to achieve long service life and a high level ofoperational reliability . Planetary-gear type of range-change gear . Force-feed oil lubricated bearings . Crawl gear with low gear ratio that gives a wide range of gear ratios o A top gear that is a direct gear . A full-flow type of oil filter . Oil cooler as standard eguipment . Range inhibitor that prevents incorr ect gear changing.

The ratio span of the new gearbox ensures very good initial tractive effort even in combination with fast rear axle ratios. This means that high cruising speeds on the highway and good performance in difficult cross country conditions have been successfully combined.


Together with the new gearbox, Volvo's range of PTOs has been extended. The options now available include:

Clutch Independent PTO (KOBLAM) for outputs up to I50 hp . Gearbox PTO in 2 designs . Twin Gearbox drive PTO.

The latter 2 options are gearbox mounted and installed on the rear end plate of the gearbox. The Volvo Flygmotor FI Hydraulic pump forms the basis for the gearbox mounted PTOs.


The current final driverange available throughout the Volvo Truck range will be offered with the new N Series. This extends to the rear suspension options as well.The current BGT 17, B Ride, and BGT 20, T Ride will continue to be offered. These combinations ensure optimum axle loadings in line with the latest regulation changes


All exposed parts of the cab are now being made with hot-dip galvanised sheet metal. Volvo are so confident that this new process wiil increase cab life that they offer a new 3 year warranty on the cab. Other changes in the cab area include new cab suspension for even better ride comfort for the driver. Now suspended on coil springs and rubber bushes, road vibrations and impacts are effectively isolated for the driver. Other good news for the driver includes a redesigned interior package, similar to the FL range, even better insulation between cab and engine, and a new air operated throttle system. For those drivers wishing to stay overnight with their truck, the good news is that the new N Series will offer a long cab option with sleeping facilities included. To cap off the whole package the new N Series has a new more agressive profile with rectangular headlights and other styling updates. See your Volvo dealer now for more details on the new N Series."