F86 - 1st Aussie Volvo being tested by Mayne Nickless
F86 - 1st Aussie Volvo being tested by Mayne Nickless.


The Volvo Truck experience started in 1966 with the first F86 field evaluation units being tested. In this October 1967 Truck & Bus feature, the F86 is put under the microscope !!
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F86 beonging to SPD Transport Pty Ltd of Sydney
Matching colour scheme for truck and warehouse is used by SPD Transport Pty Ltd of Sydney. The F86, one of SPD's wharf cartage fleet, is seen putting a container of pink salmon into the company's Chullora warehouse. Driver of the unit is Garry Callaby, of Milperra, Sydney. The skeletal trailer is Formark-designed and manufactured at Girraween, NSW. Truck and Bus Transportation, May '78, p77

The proud owner of this 1968 F86 is Hughes Gravel in the Lockyer Valley, Qld.

According to Neil Hughes, it is the 3rd oldest Volvo in Australia and its legendary service is a credit to its care it has received over the nearly 40 years of ownership !!

The sign writing on the front reflects its age and daily contribution!!

It is the proverbial grandfather axe - nearly every major component has been replaced or upgraded over time - cab, front axle, now a tandem drive with an upgraded chassis but it still earns a dollar today on local on site work.

Hughes family are only the second owner - having acquired it as a well worn single drive in the early '70s.

The other good twist is that the body came off an H &#38 H F86 truck (of Haines Hunter fame)

They are very proud of this Volvo veteran - and their other Volvos !!