Until the introduction of the Aussie assembled G88 (chassis 51xxxx) and G89 (chassis 52xxxx) models in 1971 unknown numbers of the F88 were imported.

Seen here is an iconic scene near Coober Pedy from the front cover of June 1971 Truck & Bus magazine. Note the front mounted exhaust.

Quite a few were imported as 4X2 and subsequently fitted with a lazy axle. It would appear that no further F88s were assembled or imported until late 1974 when, due to a local supply shortage, a batch of 50 "UK Type F88" (chassis 49xxx and 47xxx) started to arrive.

While these were built in Sweden they had a similar (but not exact) specification to the "290 F88" built in Scotland using interim and early versions of the TD100B motor in readiness for the F10.

They were easily identified by having the wider F89 black grille.

If anyone has knowledge or stories of these we would love to hear from you.

Brambles F88 - NSW
Brambles F88 - NSW.



This F88 was bought new by David Betts in 1975 for $27000. It was displayed at the opening of the Volvo National Parts Warehouse at Minto then put to use hauling a triaxle tipping trailer. They also owned a Volvo 144 hence the sign on the bumper ("Our Other Car") !!