Volvo Trucks in Preservation

The Ralph family own a 1978 F86 8x4 and a 1991 F12. The F86 is still fully licensed and working on the farm, moving countless loads of rocks, gravel as well as working in town with earthmoving jobs. The F12 works along side of the F86, in WA Midwest.

1978 Volvo F86. This F86 was first bought by Lewis in Melbourne for tanker work then sold to C Rees trading under CRT Group. Throughout its history, the F86 was used for bulk tanker work, rail containers, dock work doing timber, then shunter and used as a compressor truck. It was used in Melbourne Sydney and Brisbane where it was retired. It is now privately owned by Gerry and sons and restored to near original condition. Gerry's father had a fleet of F86s in England and it was his job at a young age to clean and grease the F86s ready for the working week ahead. The love of the F86 and Volvo is being continued with our sons. The F86 is being used for the pleasure of our family and spectators at Heritage shows etc.....Convoy for Kids Brisbane, Beenleigh Truck Show, QLD Rally Day at Jondaryan Woolshed, and club runs.


In 2003, Volvo Trucks Australia restored a F88 and donated it to the Australian Road Transport Hall of Fame in Alice Springs. Starting with a well used example, the team in Brisbane toiled away and bought back to life the relatively rare F88 4x2 shown below.




This well preserved F88 belongs to McPhan Crane and Transport of Wyong, NSW.

The owner, David McPhan said "I’m told that the truck is one of only 50 of this “UK Type F88” imported in the mid-seventies. The only other history that I can find is that the truck was, in fact, originally fitted with a Lazy Axle, with Reyco-type suspension and used on Interstate by Jacky Dyer of Gosford in the mid-eighties after purchasing from Hastings Deering – Sydney"

The truck was sold to Vanderpoel Smash Repairs in Wyong and was then sold to the Crane and Transport business that Anthony and I purchased in October 2002. Somewhere after the time that Vanderpoel’s purchased the truck and we took delivery, the lazy axle and suspension were removed and the chassis shortened. The motor has been re-built and the gearbox overhauled, however everything else is original.

Paul Archer, our in-house panel beater/spray painter, gave the Cab/Chassis a complete external makeover nearly 4 years ago and it is still in good presentable condition.

The truck is in almost daily use as a local Prime Mover and Yard Tug and serves as a good training tool for those that are used to high horsepower and 18 speeds!

G88 restored belonging to Crawfords - SA
G88 restored belonging to Crawfords - SA .


This restored Electricity Trust of South Australia G88 is one of several Volvos that are part 

of the extensive Jim Crawford collection
This restored Electricity Trust of South Australia G88 is one of several Volvos that are part of the extensive Jim Crawford collection

The CMV Group have been Volvo truck dealers for over 30 years and have acquired and restored 6 Volvos, 3 of which are shown here in 2006 at Trucks in Action in Victoria. (Richards Mohr photo)

Sitting resplendent in the Volvo Chullora facility is a fully restored F86, belonging to Volvo group Australia. The 1968 F86, with its 170hp TD70 engine, was donated to Volvo by Sharman Tpt, Sth Australia and restored by VMR Truck Parts


Hunter Valley Vintage Truck Muster 2011 - by Heather Arnold

We took our 1976 N1025 Volvo and our 38ft Freighter trailer.(carrying the 1418 Benz) to the Hunter Valley Vintage Truck Muster, held on May 14 &#38 15 at the old Pelaw Main coal mine at Kurri Kurri in New South Wales. The event was organised by the Hunter Valley Classic Commercial Vehicle Club (HVCCVC). It was perfect weather and we had a great time. The highlight of the show was the fact that for the first time ever Volvos outnumbered Kenworths, in fact Benzs also outnumbered Kenworths. The total European truck count was a massive ten! This was a show where English and European trucks dominated. Others - for those who like to see some more good ol' lorries, have a look at Heather's blog site..